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So over 40 members from Central Pa Sushi invaded Tokyo Diner tonight for hibachi and of course loads of lovely sushi. The meetup has been going strong since this past March and new members seem to join us every day. Hibachi tables are a great way to mingle because you can just get up during the meal and walk around. I would say this meetup was about half new member and half returnees. Over all it was a splendid evening.

Pictures can be found here

Video can be found here


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Last night we had sushi and hibachi at Sakana on Patton street. As far as quick reviews go it did have quite a nice atmosphere for hibachi, the chef was very nice even if he did drop his cooking utensils a few times this is one of the top places for hibachi in the area. Sushi wise they do not have a huge selection, they really have nothing in the way of combos and dinner specials,  although their chef rolls were tasty, generous portions of fish and a very fair price. Some of us had a mix and match sharing hibachi and a few rolls. We had about 15 Central Pa Sushi  members out for an enjoyable Thursday evening.

more photos

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Thursday (July 10) in the Patriot-News Go! section will have a column featuring Central Pa Sushi including information and pictures about the group. Keep and eye out and R.S.V.P for a dinner soon. We meet this coming Wednesday in Lancaster Olive and Jasmine Asian Bistro as well as Sapporo East on the 31st of July.

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We have added a few luncheons to our calendar. In the past month the members have just been flooding in. The demand for the organizing the demand has finally been won, we now have an Assistant Organizer named Carlos to help with the weekend meetups. Welcome to the crew!

Back to Lunch, seeing I am getting side tracked, Okini on the 14th will be one of our first luncheons and you can find all the details on Central Pa Sushi Meetup.

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Wednesday at Okini was the second gathering of the Central PA Sushi lovers group (the first since the name change) and was every bit as good as the March meeting – or so I’m told, since I couldn’t make that nervous blind date on account of me being on the other side of the Atlantic. 

The great thing about Sushi is that it’s so condusive to good conversation. The neat parcels of fresh fish and rice won’t get cold, you can eat it without dribbling spaghetti sauce all down your chin (a speciality of mine, I must admit) and it’s usually presented in such a way as to be a conversation starter in and of itself.

Not that many people on Wednesday had to fall back on the plates before them in order to liven up the evening, for as post-it notes fluttered onto foreheads at the other end of the table, amongst a bluster of hearty wine-fueled laughter, at the “square end” we had a good ol’ chinwag about, among other things, Sushi in London, life in Tokyo and soccer in South America – coversations, I’m sad to say,  I won’t be able to pick up again until June. For everyone else the next get-together will come a touch sooner.

For me, aside from eating great food, it was wonderful to meet new faces and I look forward doing both again in a few weeks.

photos can be found here

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A bunch of sushi lovers coming together in Central Pa for fresh fish and banter. With two meets under our belt we are doing very very well and every month hope to host two sushi dinners in the area. The website is Central Pa Sushi Meetup

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