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Central Pa Sushi has hit an all time high when it comes to members of its local sushi group. Earlier this week they topped 260 members with an average of 25 – 30 attendees for each dinner party. Upcoming events include a halloween sushi dinner at Fuji Do on the 28th, a Evening out at Mikado Japanese in Mechanicsburg, Sushi, Thai, Hibachi and Udon at Fujihana! in York and Saturday Night at Okini! in Harrisburg. All taking place in the next few weeks.


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Hi everyone! My name’s Dre. I haven’t been to any of the meet-ups yet (as I work evenings) but I wanted to tell you guys about how HOT sushi is in York! Seriously, I go to Masa, over in West York (1720 Loucks Rd, York) about 2x a month. They have excellent service and a great reputation as one of the best places for sushi in Central P.A, so hopefully we can organize a meet-up over there sometime soon. There’s another sushi place opening up off Route 30, also in York, called “Fujihana,” and I’ll let you guys know when they’re open for business. My friend Erica and I have checked out the sushi place inside the Farmer’s Market of York (of course I can’t remember the name of it now) and it seems like they have some exotic choices (mango sushi!). Also, I heard a rumor that the sushi place next to the Queensgate Cinema (Mitsuru?) is closing, awwww…. That’s all for now, but I’ll be at some of the next meet-ups: Crab Fest on the 23rd, and Sapporo East and Fuji Do, and I’m looking forward to meeting some of you wild and crazy sushi people!

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Tonight Central Pa Sushi Meetup and I (the organizer) went to the Olive and Jasmine Asian Bistro in Lancaster. Having visited a majority of the Japanese restaurants in the area, I would have to say that Olive and Jasmine is one of (if not) the best restaurant of its kind in Central Pa. When it comes to atmosphere this place really surpasses the competition. The one thing this area lacks is the dining experience, most of the sushi places are either cafe or diner style establishments. Olive and Jasmine has nice decor throughout and a lovely private dining room for larger parties. The Dynamite Green Lips (spicy mussels appetizer) was simply delicious, best dragon roll I ever tasted and when it comes to other sushi on the menu I highly recommend this place in Lancaster to anyone that likes fresh assortment sushi platters because they offer so many varieties of them. The menu is quite extensive serving sushi, Thai, hibachi and Malaysian.

For a party of 18 they did very well service wise. We will definitely be back.

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